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The Justice Fighter

Attorney Griggs

Attorney Griggs is firmly dedicated to the fundamental principle that “We seek truth, mercy, and justice forever.” Attorney Griggs seeks to serve the needs of the community one client at a time.
Attorney Griggs is a well-respected litigator known for handling high profile cases. Attorney Griggs represented numerous clients involved in the Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Trial, Georgia’s Longest Trial. Further, Attorney Griggs has handled countless high profile cases featured on Media Outlets such as WSBTV, ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN, FOX NEWS, CBS, TV-ONE, and WGCL.
His most notable case, Jaheem Herrera, helped launch the National Anti-Bullying Movement and changed the Anti-Bullying Law in Georgia. Jaheem Herrera Case was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show in the spring of 2009. Since then, Attorney Griggs has traveled all across the country promoting the Anti-bullying movement. He was recently a featured speaker at Second Annual National Federal Partners in Bullying Summit in Washington D.C. 

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“One of the most important elements moving forward with the beautiful communities of Miami Dade and Broward County will be implementing the trust factor, as someone whom over-stands that the hardships and successes in life work hand in hand. I feel and have heard first hand that the youth and many elders are having a hard time putting their trust in elected officials, community leaders, and the religious community. We are in the Jetsons now, months away from the year 2020 and the New Miami SCLC is here to unify the generations of all races,  all colors, all cultures, and creeds,” says Robert  W. Alexander III.

Gerald A. Griggs is an attorney who is a servant of the people fighting for what’s right with 3 guiding principles (1). WE SEEK TRUTH (2). WE SEEK MERCY (3). WE SEEK JUSTICE FOREVER."

The Justice Fighter

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