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With respect to the environment and the pall of discrimination that’s settled, like a cloud of pollution, over poor minority communities throughout the country, the effects of racism here are far clearer than the air itself.

The central characteristic of racism, regardless of its form, is that it perpetuates domination and subordination. If distinct groups of people suffer disproportionately, it doesn’t matter whether the perpetrator is an official acting upon his or her duty or a corporate maverick cutting corners or padding the company’s bottom line.

Were does that leave Black and brown communities? On the streets, where people become destitue, disenfranchised, or, as we’ve seen all too often, the victims of target practice in a trend that amounts to legalized genocide —Ben Crump excerpt from the book) Legalized Genocide Of Colored People – Open Season

Racially neutral policies that don’t take into account actual situations sometimes based on racializations ( such as where certain groups can afford to live ) often create ( consciously or unconsciously ) racially targeted processes. And an insistence on legislative intent and not the collateral outcome keeps our antidiscrimination laws from stopping the damage they were intended to stop.

The United States has entered a new dimension of slavery where the Gateway remains hidden within the personal responsibility aspect of self, community, and government accountability.

As we enter the Jetsons and Exit the Flintstones, the South Florida Miami SCLC is committed to dissecting this problem and attacking it from the core, with accountability as the resounding theme.

Help us pave the way for this new era 2020


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