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A.Curtis Farrow

Emmy Award Winning

A. Curtis Farrow

Mr. Farrow was also named as one of the most influential men in Gospel music. He has won two Emmy awards for producing McDonald’s Gospelfest, and received 12 nominations.
Mr. Farrow brought his directing and producing talents to make McDonald’s Gospelfest the most successful and well attended gospel event ever, it’s reach spanning the globe. Mr. Farrow has worked with the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, as well as Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Steve Harvey, James Earl Jones and Vickie Winans, to name a few.As facilitator of McDonald’s African American Future Achievers Scholarship, Mr. Farrow cherishes his role in overseeing the distribution of four-year scholarships to deserving high school graduates.
He is responsible for the dispersal of $290,000.00 in scholarships each year. His staunch advocating of multiple year grants to the students has resulted in a 99.1% college graduation rate for all the awardees. In addition he is a Board Member of RMHC and sees to the allocation of funds to worthy causes throughout the community.
As former Minister of Music for The New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey he was responsible for the organization, planning and execution of the home going services for the late Whitney Houston, which was seen around the world. Mr. Farrow credits everything in his life to his strong belief in God, and his motto has always been “God as the great Creator has made each of us in his own image. Therefore we are little Creators. We shall spend all of our days creating!”

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“One of the most important elements moving forward with the beautiful communities of Miami Dade and Broward County will be implementing the trust factor, as someone whom over-stands that the hardships and successes in life work hand in hand. I feel and have heard first hand that the youth and many elders are having a hard time putting their trust in elected officials, community leaders, and the religious community. We are in the Jetsons now, months away from the year 2020 and the New Miami SCLC is here to unify the generations of all races,  all colors, all cultures, and creeds,” says Robert  W. Alexander III.

It takes patience and most of all a willingness to coax a smile from everyone involved in a project regardless of education, experience or temperament.."

A. Curtis Farrow

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